Summer Prim®

Acıdere Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 13. Cad. Cumhuriyet Blv. No:4 Sarıçam / ADANA / TÜRKİYE

Summer Prime, as a result of natural mutation of Spain’s main lemon varieties Primafiori (Fino)  is currently Turkey’s most late harvested lemon variety. The quality of the Primafiori genus, from which it takes its genes, is indisputable and is shipped all over the world.

The fruit attitude of Summer Prim, which is very high in efficiency, is the same every year. Thanks to its homogeneous fruit sizes, it can be harvest as single harvest at any time and can be kept until late season.

With its juice rate exceeding 50% in May, it means more juicy than other lemon varieties and more tonnage for producers.

It can be harvested early with degreening and it takes about May to get its full color. It can be harvested until July. It is very suitable for storage if cut on time.

With the suitability for late harvest, it can capture a market gap where there is no other fresh lemon on the branches of the trees, and are able to compete comfortably with lemons from Southern Hemisphere that comes from long distances.

With the protection given by its license and limited production area, it will never be overproduced and will protect its value.

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