Healthy, adequate and balanced nutrition is the primary requirement for all living creatures to sustain their lives and development. Safe food consumption is a must to meet this requirement. In order to meet the health and quality expectations of consumers, “food safety”, which can be provided by meeting all the requirements from production to consumption, and the practices related to this, is a definite strategy adopted in the international platform today. The importance of the requirement on this issue is still sloganized in the developed countries with the expression “food safety from field to fork” and is accepted as a production policy which is recommended to be adopted all over the world.

The expression of requirements, which meets the principle of ensuring compliance status and values in all applications and processes from raw material to consumption phase, is defined as “Quality Safety”. “Good Manufacturing Techniques (GMP)” to meet the requirements of quality assurance The establishment and completion of the HACCP system is done in the form of preventing hazards by determining possible risks in advance, as an indicator of food product quality in practice. However, privileges such as the application of different norms and different characteristics of the products brought the necessity of developing some basic strategies.

The use of these strategies has become widespread as current practices that ensure product safety that will be based on production, storage, and marketing. In line with the management of food safety, future studies are essential in the field of application and it is essential to achieve success and continuity by not only initiating the application of the HACCP system technique but also ensuring sustainability.
Founded in 1982, Ozler of Agri business, has made a name in a short time in the area and today has also managed to become Turkey’s largest citrus exporter.
The biggest reason for the success of our company is that it is based on customer satisfaction by prioritizing Quality and Food safety at every stage until it reaches fruit markets.
In this context, our partner grower Baler Agri, fully applies modern agricultural techniques and closely follows technology in agriculture. It has the GLOBALGAP certificate, which is the European Standard in Agriculture, and fulfills the requirements of this certificate completely. It has 8,000 decares of citrus in the Çukurova region and 6,500 decares of apple orchards in Ulukışla.
As the first company in its category to receive international certificates on food safety, we have proven our sensitivity to this issue. Our current certificates
GlobalGap, ITU, Grasp, BRC (British Retail Consorcium), FSSC 22000, Sedex.
All our products have traceability.
In order to better respond to consumer needs, our partner producer Baler Agri started growing new citrus varieties. These; it can be fruits that can last until late period or fruits with high shelf life. There are also citrus varieties with different flavors.
From the first phase of fruit vegetables, we supply every stage (irrigation, spraying, fertilizing, cutting, etc.) from our contracted farms under the control of our agricultural and chemical engineers, no chemicals other than European standards are allowed to be used, maximum hygiene is provided in processing, packaging and cold air facilities. .
The physical and chemical and biological controls of the products to be processed and processed in the modern analysis laboratories within our company are made, and the products that are found to be positive are delivered to the end user by means of the vehicles under our control.