Colors of Turkey

Modi Apple



• The tree is middle strong and lies in early fruit.
• It has high efficiency.
• Flowering is regular
• Thick leafy
• Its fruit is conical long.
• Peel color is dark red, 80-100% color.
• Fruit flesh color is creamy-yellow juicy and hard,
• Sugar and acid ratio is high.
• It has a special aroma.
• The feature of this variety is ideal for storage.
• The fruit has high pressure rate.
• It is juicy.



• The fruit peel color is dark red and has a perfect color.
• Fruit flesh is hard and juicy.
• Ripening is in September
• Fruit is medium to large size
• Eating quality is good with brix value 13.
• It is a middle season variety.
• Storage shelf life is long
• Resistant to black spots
• It has an excellent organoleptic characteristic.

These properties are unchanged for a long time and provide good sales to the variety during its shelf life. It can remain fresh and juicy even at room temperature for several weeks.