Our Human Resources Policy

We can define Our Human Resources policy; With our customer-oriented approach, we can appoint the right people for the right job, choose high potentials within our company, ensure their development in various business branches with rotation applications, evaluate their performance with the performance management system, and make career planning with appointments and continue our long-term cooperation with our employees.

We will always be with you by implementing creative, reliable, modern human resources policies that are open to new ideas, with our vision and mission that gives confidence by approaching issues without ever giving up our ethical point of view with quality time and information sharing.

Mission of Human Resources

OZLER TARIM, a pioneering institution in the agricultural sector, creates every opportunity for its employees to complete their individual and professional development. The mission of Human Resources is to ensure that Özler AŞ is the most preferred company for superior employees in the agricultural sector.

Vision of Human Resources

To ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction, which is the biggest factor in the continuous success of our company by creating an exciting and proud working environment for our employees; developing and improving the knowledge, skills and competencies of the highly qualified employees of our company, which are customer-oriented, responsible to the society and giving importance to ethical values and always aiming to win; It is to be the most preferred company in the agricultural sector and to maintain this position by revealing its potentials and ensuring that they always show superior performance.