who are we

Özler Tarim was formed in 1982 and has continued to develop over three generations of family to this day. Özler Tarim started Business by exporting its own grown products, but now delivers fresh produce from hundreds of growers to more than 35 different countries worldwide. By providing employment for more than 1,000 employees, and significant contribution to export figures, Özler is now one of the most important businesses in Adana region.

Özler Tarım;  Offering more than a box of fruit, with the importance it attaches to values such as social responsibility, traceability, food safety, certifications, environmentalism, service understanding and new varieties, it has become a well-known and sought-after brand in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and Japan.

Our latest investment is a state-of-the-art nursery which develops & cultivates new varieties, delivering better yields and more flavourful product than current varieties. The seedlings produced in this nursery every year are distributed to both our own established orchards and to growers who wish to renew their varieties.

Fruits Of The Future
Varieties that will add value to our country's agriculture
We test for you.

we produce

We grow our own fruits in Baler Tarım, the company that carries out agricultural production activities of Özler Family, who made significant contributions to the agriculture of the region and Turkey; Since the time our Founder, Mr Ozbek Ozler who brought many innovations to our country’s agriculture was deemed worthy of the “Most Technical Farmer” award, we have been aiming to raise the bar constantly, using technology at the highest level in agriculture, to grow higher quality and lower cost products.

Our fruit production; In Ulukışla and Adana, with the activities of our Baler Tarım, we continue our production activities by organizing more than 10,000 decares of land in these regions.

We pack

We carry out our activities in the fruit packaging sector in our Starpak packinghouse, which is located in the Abdioğlu town, that was established in 1986 among the citrus orchards, and in our Özler Tarım packaging facilities in the Adana organized industrial zone.

We are progressing as a dynamic business that meets the increasing demand every year with new investments, together with our expert packaging personnel working in our own facilities and our degreening and cold storages within our facilities, and our interconnected citrus packaging lines, netting machines, box-building machines.


As Özler Tarım, we constantly try to bring new varieties by Joint studies that are carried out to try low-cost, value-added products and add them to our country’s agriculture. In this context, seedlings are also grown for licensed varieties.


We also grow the saplings of the trees in our farms which we harvest and pack in our packaging facilities and sell in domestic and export markets.

We are moving forward with our goal of being a quality and reliable brand by meeting all the sapling needs for our farms and also the ones we take care of.